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The right keyboard can improve your gaming skills. However, one problem which you will often face when buying a gaming keyboard is that they are noisy. When you combine it with the fact that you need a fast response time and therefore pressing keys more frequently while playing the game, the noise can quickly compound. That is why; the best solution to this problem is to use the silent gaming keyboard.

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The advantage of the silent gaming keyboard besides the low noise is that they are more efficient as well. Also, the keyboard will not distract you with the sound of the keys. Due to this very reason, you can easily focus on the game. Sensing this demand, many companies these days are offering quiet gaming keyboards. We will today share with you 8 such options which are simply the best. We will also follow that up with a buying guide to help you choose the right one.

8 Best Silent Gaming Keyboards


1. Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

The gaming keyboard which is on top of our list is not only noiseless but also ensures that you can press up to 10 keys together. It has a 10-key anti-ghosting feature. When you combine that with the programmable macro support, it is easy to understand why it is so popular among various players. Also, with the help of a proper cable management system, you will be able to keep your gaming desk organized as well. Another feature which sets this gaming keyboard apart from others is the long lifespan. It has a life span of 80 million clicks. Besides, each time you press a button, the noise is on the lower side, which helps you in using it without disturbing. The durable construction minimizes the wear and tear. It also offers chrome RGB lighting which can illuminate it in a dark surrounding. The combination of the above features has propelled it to the top of our list.

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Anti-ghosting feature:

The main USP of this gaming keyboard is the anti-ghosting feature. You can press ten keys simultaneously and each command will be transmitted to the computer accurately and will get processed in sequence. That is why; you can quickly improve your response time with the help of this keyboard. There will be no delay when using up to 10 keys simultaneously. Thus, it makes your response time pretty fast.

Macro integration:

With the help of programmable macro support, you can easily program the sequence of keys. Thus, you will not have to press multiple these keys frequently. You can input all the combinations which you want. It will help you gain an edge over your opponents.

Highly durable:

With the life span of 80 million clicks, you can be sure that the keyboard will last for a long time. Once you buy this keyboard, you can use it for years together. Due to this very reason; it is on top of our list.


Programmable macro support

Long life

Offers cable management system

Anti-ghosting 10 key support

RGB lighting  


Limited after-sales support.  

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2. Corsair K70 Mk. 2 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard :

The second keyboard option on this list is Corsair K70 Mk. The key spacing on the K70 Mk. 2 is slightly wider than most other keyboards. Depending on the user’s hand size, the wide spacing may make it more difficult, or even slightly uncomfortable when typing. Lastly, and perhaps the most significant, is that there is not much difference in the original K70 keyboard. If you already own and like the original keyboard, then there isn’t really enough changes to make it worth buying the Mk. 2 version.

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A major benefit of the Corsair K70 Mk.2 is in its construction. It is built from with an aluminum frame making it one of the sturdier keyboards on the market. Unlike other plastic keyboards, you should never have any concern regarding its durability.


It also has an overall good aesthetic with LED backlighting of red, blue, and green lights, and the ability to set the colors to individual keys. There is also the ability to choose interchangeable key cap designs to fit your personal style. The keyboard comes with a wide detachable wrist support which is fully capable of providing adequate comfort.

Premium Features:  

One of the higher end features of the keyboard is it’s volume control feature. It comes equipped with a rolling volume control wheel. While not necessary, it makes for quicker volume control compared to the standard key control. Finally, the K70 Mk. 2 keyboard is smaller and more compact thank many of its competitors.


The adjustable wrist rest is great for comfort and usability.

The RBG lighting changes depending on what is happening in game (really cool 🙂 )

The key replacements for FPS (WASD) and MOBA are a nice touch.

USB passthrough and media controls 


Not suitable for office work.  

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3. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard :

One of the biggest drawbacks to the K55 model keyboard is that it is a membrane keyboard and not mechanical like the higher end models. The K55 model is also not the sturdiest on the market. It is constructed of a light plastic material. If you hold the keyboard at eye level and press down on the keys with a moderate amount of force, you can see the keyboard bending and flexing. The last drawback I want to mention is the controls, since this is not a major issue. The controls are standard key controls but just seem a little disappointing, especially when compared to Corsair’s higher end models like the K70 Mk. 2.

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This Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard also has the red, blue, and green backlighting, dedicated function keys, and a wide detachable wrist rest similar to the K70 Mk. 2 model. The keyboard has an overall simple design and does a good job at emulating Corsair’s higher end keyboard models. It is by no means the best gaming keyboard on the market, but it gets the job done.

Production Cost Savings:

While the Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard is on the lower end of the Corsair product line it is obvious that Corsair paid attention to where they cut the costs of production. Certain items such as the flexible plastic housing may have been used, but Corsair kept quality materials and construction where it matters. An example of this is the LED lighting and keystroke performance.


There is no external software you need to download to use this keyboard.

RGB – One of the best parts of this keyboard. There are a bunch of pre-set configurations for the 3 sections.

Build quality is good.

USB passthrough and media controls 


The custom keys are a bit of pain.  

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4. Redragon K552-RGB Keyboard:

It is a USB wired keyboard, which means that connecting it with your computer is not a problem. It is available in 4 different backlight variants. The one which we are speaking about now consist of RGB backlight. In terms of responsiveness and durability, it is one of the best options which you can buy. It incorporates double-shot injection keycaps so that you will not have to worry about scratches or extensive wear and tear. There are five different lighting modes on offer, along with programmable RGB backlighting. You will be able to customize the lighting precisely as per your requirement. Moreover, it reduces the key-pressing noise, which makes it much quieter than other variants.

In total, there are 12 multimedia keys on offer. The non-slip ergonomic design means that you can use it at a rapid pace. It consists of a gold-plated USB connector. Due to this very reason, you will not have to worry about replacing the connector. The ABS construction means that there is no need to replace it anytime soon. With Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS compatibility, you will have no complaints from this keyboard.

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Heavy-duty construction:

The main reason why it is on number 2 in our list is because of the heavy-duty construction. It utilizes the ABS casing. The advantage of ABS material is that it can handle high-pressure and is highly durable. Additionally, it consists of a gold-plated connector, which means that you can continue to use it for a long time quite easily. The double-shot injection keys can handle wear and tear.

Excellent compatibility:

It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and even Mac OS. That is why, irrespective of the operating system which you use, you will be able to use this keyboard quite easily.

Customizable lighting:  

It comes with RGB Chroma lighting. You can customize the light, and there are five different lighting modes to choose from as well. Hence; you can get the illumination which you want. There are very few other gaming keyboards which are not only quiet but which offer you so many different lighting options.


Customized lighting

Heavy-duty construction

Low noise

Excellent compatibility  


Keyboard font is different.  

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5. Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard:

The feature which you will notice about this gaming keyboard is that it comes along with a wrist-rest. It means that you will be at complete ease when using it. Also, another USP of this keyboard is that it can register every keystroke. It means that even if you’re pressing multiple keys together with little delay, it will recognize all of them. It has anti-ghosting capability, which means that you can press multiple keys simultaneously. With the help of programmable keys, you can better your gaming skills. It also consists of macro recording feature which can help you program the sequence of keys which you want to press. With multimedia keys, you can control the audio and video easily. It comes with 2m rubber insulation for added protection. The low-profile keys reduce the sound, and that is why it is undoubtedly one of the best silent gaming keyboards.

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Anti-ghosting feature:

It consists of 10 key anti-ghosting feature. It means that you can press these ten keys simultaneously, and it will record every keypress. As a result, you can overpower your opponents easily.

Programmable keys and macro recording:

The keyboard consists of fully programmable keys. It means that you can customize the operation of the keyboard with ease. Also, it supports macro recording as well. The advantage of macro recording is that you can trigger it with the press of a single key without having to worry about pressing all the keys in the sequence. It will help you automate your gaming experience.

Wrist rest:

One of the main features of this keyboard is the wrist rest. With the wrist rest, it will reduce your hand fatigue. If you have long gaming sessions and often spend hours playing various games, this wrist rest will help you.


Anti-ghosting feature

Programmable keys on offer

Multimedia controls

Ergonomic design  


Keys can be a bit sticky  

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6. Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard:

The main advantage of this gaming keyboard is that it consists of 104 keys. It is silent in operation, which means that you can use it at all times without disturbing anyone. The responsiveness and the durability are on the higher side as well. With the help of RGB backlighting, you can use it in complete darkness as well. The ergonomic design includes a wrist rest to reduce your hand fatigue. Also, it has 25 key anti-ghosting. It means that you can decimate your opponents with the help of this keyboard. It consists of 12 multimedia keys which provide you with complete control over your computer.

The compatibility with various operating systems is excellent as well. In terms of the connector, it consists of a corrosion-free USB connector. The keyboard also has a numeric keypad, which is another advantage. The RGB backlighting ensures that you can use it in complete darkness. When you combine these factors, it is not difficult to understand why this gaming keyboard is a reliable option.

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Highly efficient design:

The keyboard has 104 keys. In spite of that, it is ergonomic. It comes with a wrist rest. As a result, you can provide some comfort to your hand as well. The design is such that you can use it for gaming or in your office or at your home. As a result, it is easy for you to use it for a variety of different functions. The design is such that you will not have to move your hand a lot. That is why; it is such a great option to consider.

Anti-ghosting feature:

While the other gaming keyboards have anti-ghosting feature for 8 to 10 keys. This one has anti-ghosting feature for 25 keys. It means that you can press all the keys which you want simultaneously. It will record every command. Hence; it is perfect for gaming. If your response time is better, you can decimate your opponent. With the help of the 25-key anti-ghosting feature, you can certainly achieve that.

Excellent compatibility:  

Irrespective of the operating system which you have, you can use this keyboard easily. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and even Mac OS. You can use it with any gaming computer or laptop. You will not have to think about installing separate drivers or using any other hardware to use it with any machine. It is one of the main advantages of this silent gaming keyboard.


25 key anti-ghosting feature

Excellent compatibility

High durability

Ergonomic design  


Backspace is not fully lit.  

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7. Logitech G613 Lightspeed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

One of the best reasons why this one is such an excellent silent gaming keyboard is because it is wireless. It offers Bluetooth 2.4 GHz connectivity. That is why; it is compatible with most of the machines. Another feature of this gaming keyboard which sets it apart is that it has a 1 ms report rate. It means that there is almost no delay. The mechanical switches on offer ensure that the noise of the keypress is on the lower side. It will help you use the keyboard consistently. With the life of 70 million clicks, you need not worry about replacing it anytime soon. It consists of 6 programmable keys on offer as well. You can easily customize the operation of the keyboard. Additionally, custom macro sequences can be input as well. As a result, you can completely customize the keyboard as per the game which you are playing.

The Bluetooth connectivity makes it compatible with not just Windows 8 and later operating systems but also with the Mac OS, Chrome OS, android and a variety of other operating systems. It means that it is one of the most compatible silent gaming keyboards which you can buy. It can work for up to 18 months with just 2 AA batteries. It means that you will not have to worry about replacing the batteries again and again. It also includes a palm rest which provides your hand with proper support. If your requirement is for a wireless silent gaming keyboard, you should not ignore this option.

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Wireless keyboard:

Being wireless means that you will not have to worry about additional cables on your desk. It uses the standard 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity. The response rate is just 1 ms, which means that there is no chance that it will reduce your gaming speed. If anything, it will certainly increase it. As it is compatible with most operating systems wirelessly, you will not have to worry about changing anything on your machine or buying any additional hardware. Thus, it is easier to use than others.

Keyboard customization:

It offers you six different programmable keys. You can program it according to your favorite game. That will certainly help you reduce your response time and therefore gain an edge over your competition. Additionally, with the help of custom macro sequences, you can further improve your gaming skills. With the help of macros, you can quickly reduce your work and automate your gaming experience.


Irrespective of the operating system which you use, you can use this keyboard. In terms of compatibility, it offers you a wide variety of choices. You can use it with Chrome OS, android, Mac, and even Windows. All you need is an operating system which supports Bluetooth connection, and you can use this keyboard easily. It is one of the main reasons why it offers you unparalleled convenience.


Wireless operation

Excellent compatibility

70 million click life



Not backlit  

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8. Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

The Gaming Keyboard which we are highlighting now provides you with additional multimedia controls along with the ability to assign macros to any key. That is why complete control of your machine is certainly possible. It has RGB lighting which you can easily customize. Additionally, it has anti-ghosting features as well with complete key-rollover. It means that you will not have to worry about missing out on any keystroke. This feature can come in pretty handy for gaming. It consists of silent keys to ensure that you will not disturb anyone when using this keyboard. Also, with the help of textured and contoured keycaps, you get an excellent grip. It consists of 104 keys.

With the help of USB connectivity, you can connect it with any operating system. It ensures that the keyboard is connected seamlessly. If you’re looking for a silent gaming keyboard which allows you to customize not just the light but also keys and record macros, you can go with this option.

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Customization options:

The keyboard offers you unlimited lighting customization. The keyboard provides you the level of customization which is missing in any other. That is why, if you like customization, this is the keyboard which you should consider.

The customization is not just limited to the light. It allows you to set the macro to any key. The advantage of this is that you can trigger the macro with the press of a single button. When that is the case, your response time is much lower than your opponents.


With the help of a robust anti-ghosting feature, it is easy for you to press the keys simultaneously and record every command. It has USB rollover feature as well. It means that irrespective of the keys which you can press together, none of the keypresses will be lost. They will be transmitted one after another with little delay. That is why; your gaming experience improves with the help of this keyboard.

Excellent grip:  

When playing games online, when your response time is fast, it is easy to experience certain slipups. However, the keycaps in this keyboard provide you with an excellent grip. chIt means that you will not have to worry about slipups. You will be able to press the right key. The problem with slipups is that they can give an erroneous command to the character in your game. It will make you lose seconds, and therefore you will lose the advantage against your opponent. That is why; you should prefer the keyboard with excellent grip.


Excellent grip

104 keys

Anti-ghosting feature

Ability to record and trigger macros  


Not suitable for office work.

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If you’re looking for the best quiet gaming keyboards, these are the eight options to consider. The advantage of the eight keyboards mentioned above is that not only are they silent, but they also offer you a variety of customization options. It means that you can use the keyboard precisely as per your requirement. It is natural to be confused among these best keyboards. That is why; I will highlight a buying guide below which will help you out.

Criteria to choose the silent gaming keyboard:

You have to compare the gaming keyboards on a few factors. Once you do so, picking the right one is quite easy. We will highlight these criteria below.

Number and type of keys on offer: 

You have to always start by looking at the number of keys on offer. You have to look at the kind of keys on offer as well. The placement of keys and number pad will help you choose the right one. If you need a separate number pad, it is essential to look at that feature in advance. Similarly, if you require multimedia keys, you have to keep those criteria as well for comparing the different gaming keyboards. Hence, you have to always look at the type and the number of keys before making your decision.


You have to always go with the ergonomic keyboard. It will ensure that hand fatigue will be on the lower side. Even if you play games throughout the day, the pain in your hand will be pretty less. Additionally, if it consists of a wrist rest, that is a definite advantage. In such a case, your hand will get proper support as well.


Backlighting is another vital feature which you need to check. If it is backlit, it will be easy to use the keyboard in complete darkness. Also, you have to look at the type of lighting on offer and whether it is customizable or not. If it is customizable, you will not have to worry about being stuck with a single theme of lighting.

Anti-ghosting feature:

We are speaking about the gaming keyboard. That is why the anti-ghosting feature is a must. You have to find out whether the keyboard has a 10-key anti-ghosting feature or a 25 key anti-ghosting feature. When you have the answer to that question, you can understand whether this keyboard is suitable for you or not. That is why it is essential to look at the anti-ghosting feature on offer as well.

Apart from that, you have to ensure that you choose a silent or a low noise keyboard. Only those will qualify as a quiet gaming keyboard. When you combine that with these criteria, it is easy for you to pick the right one. We will now proceed towards answering some FAQs so that you can make the right decision about these gaming keyboards.


Are membrane keyboards quiet?

The membrane keyboards are quieter than the average and standard mechanical keyboards. However, if you are choosing specialized mechanical keyboards like the ones discussed above, they will be much quiet.

Is mechanical keyboard better for gaming?

The response of a mechanical keyboard is much faster than any other type of keyboard. The life span is also on the higher side. Moreover, you can get an excellent grip when you’re using mechanical keyboards. These features combined make it one of the best options for gaming.

Why do gamers use mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards ensure that you need not press any key twice. Most of them, especially the ones for gaming, consist of anti-ghosting features as well. It means that none of the commands goes ignored. As a result, you can gain an advantage over your opponent. You will not have to worry about missing out on any command or keypress. Additionally, they often feature RGB lighting, which means that you can use them in complete darkness as well. That is why; gamers prefer them.

Is there a thing as a quiet mechanical keyboard?

Indeed, there are silent mechanical keyboards. The eight which we have listed above are of the same type. With the help of these keyboards, you will be able to play your games without disturbing anyone else. The construction of these keyboards is such that they can record every command without generating the same level of noise.

What is anti-ghosting in a gaming keyboard?

Anti-ghosting means that none of the commands in the keyboard will be neglected or discarded. Even if you press five keys at a time, all the commands will get recorded and transmitted to the computer. None of the commands go missing in such a case. The reason for this is that in bulk online multiplayer gaming, you might have to press specific keys within milliseconds of each other. The chances are that you might press them together. Only when the keyboard consists of the anti-ghosting feature, it will record all of these commands. That is why; anti-ghosting feature is a must in gaming keyboards.

Are wired keyboards better for gaming?

The Wired as well as wireless keyboards these days have the same response time. Therefore, there is no reason to prefer any one of them. Instead of looking at the connectivity option, it is essential to look at the response time of the keyboard and then choose accordingly.

Are gaming keyboards good for typing?

There are numerous gaming keyboards which you can use for office work and typing as well. These days, versatile keyboards are available, which means that you can use the same keyboard for many different applications. Many of the keyboards and our list above are highly versatile and can be used for Gaming, typing, office work, browsing, VoIP as well.

So, when you’re looking for the best silent gaming keyboards, these are the eight options to consider. We have compiled this list with great care to include only the options which are not only quiet but also durable. When you choose between these options, you can get a variety of customization choices and also the compatibility of these keyboards is excellent as well. All in all, there is no need to consider any other option when looking for silent gaming keyboards.

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  1. I have one of these keyboards and it’s so loud it’s the reason I’m looking for a much quieter option. Mechanical keyboard CANNOT be silent, like, what even?

  2. Hi is I got myself a G pro last week and didn’t like it but a few days ago I brought the Razer BlackWidow after reading your article and it’s really good and I really like it. Your article is really accurate so thanks a lot for this useful information
    Thanks again

  3. Not backlit is a plus, not a minus. Only the illuminated keys help you better at night to distinguish them more clearly. Too bad logitech gave up such lighting, they were the only ones that had rgb only on the keys. I’m looking for something similar to old logitech products with romer-g. I hate backlit, I just want the keys lit.

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