Nintendo’s “Ring fit adventure” Scheduled to Make an Appearance Soon

Nintendo left fans awestruck with the announcement of “Ring fit adventure”, a new fitness game for the Nintendo switch that is scheduled to be released on October 18th. This is not the first time Nintendo is introducing a fitness game to the gaming world. In 2007, Nintendo released “Wii Fit”, a Wii game which was highly popular for its Wii console. Wii Fit made use of motion control and a special board which guides the player through numerous fitness routines.

What is special about “Ring fit adventure”?

In 2007 the company had released “Wii Fit”. Earlier this year, the company published “Fitness boxing” which uses the Nintendo Switch’s motion control for Cardio exercise. Gathering from the information we can say that Nintendo is no stranger to fitness game and this time Nintendo is taking it a step further by introducing “Ring con”. “Ring con” is the Switch’s wireless Joy-con which accurately tracks hand movement and amount of force used during different exercises. Ring fit adventure also includes a leg strap to hold a second Joy-con to track lower body movements.

The game includes an adventure mode so that players would relate to the game. The adventure mode includes multiple courses and players can improve their character by completing challenges. Level of character increases with increasing difficulty. Players can track their fitness progress with numerous in-game data and the Switch’s IR sensor would keep a check on the player’s Heart rate in between each stage.

How exactly does “Ring fit adventure” works?

Firstly, wrap the leg start around your left leg and hold it in front of you. To move forward you have to jog on the spot and you have to point the ring in whichever direction you intend to, to take a turn. Want to move faster? Jog faster. Suppose an obstacle blocks your way and you have to jump over it to clear that obstacle, point the ring down, press it and release it in time to perform a jump. The game also allows you to shoot a burst of air to destroy crates as you run, which is done by pressing the ring and pointing it at your target. You can also collect coins by stretching out your ring. A variety of exercise enables attack mode, you have to hold squats for a few seconds following on-screen instructions for one attack move while another attacking move involved a yoga pose. To defend yourself, press the ring against your chest and hold, forming a shield to deflect your enemy’s attack.

Ring fit adventure is still a month away, but we can say that when this game is released in the market, you can’t keep your hands off it.

Image Source – Nikkie Asia

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