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Nintendo Gets Major Upgrade While Nintendo Switch Lite To Launch in September 

by  Tabassum -  Last Updated On 21st April 2021
Nintendo Gets Major Upgrade While Nintendo Switch Lite To Launch in September 

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Nintendo Switch Lite model is the latest upgrade in Nintendo which is slated to go live in September. However, it is offering the new version of the original Nintendo Switch that aims at serving longer playtime as the battery life has been improved.

Updated Nintendo Switch Battery

According to the reports, the new version has two Nintendo Switches in it, an old model and a new model. It reveals that these two switches are set side by side at maximum brightness for an endless Super Smash Bros. NDO analyst Mat Piscatella said that;

“Nintendo Switch was once again the best-selling hardware platform of July and remains 2019’s hardware sales leader,”

While you see old battery die after a couple of hours ( of course, depends on the time the game uses the battery), result of the recent test showed that the updated Nintendo Switch runs for 4 hours and 50 minutes whereas the original Nintendo Switch runs for just 2 hours and 45 minutes. The improved version of the Nintendo Switch model is quite compelling one – however, Nintendo rates original battery life at 2.5 to 6.5 hours while it rates updated Nintendo Switch at 4.5 to 9 hours. This counts significant boost.

The new model is reportedly available at few retailers for $299 and alongside you can obtain at major marketplaces including Amazon. Furthermore, if you don’t want to use your original switch, you can trade it at GameStop as a limited time deal for $225, over and above the usual rate of $200.

It’s worth mentioning that the Nintendo Switch alone saw a significant gain and recognized as the best-selling console in July whereas the overall hardware sale declines at a big-time. Having said that, there’s huge excitement for the Nintendo Switch Lite that will be available on September 20 for $199. If you want to double the playtime, you can access to improved battery version of Nintendo and if you don’t want to do so, you can get a much cheaper version in September.

Nintendo Switch Lite will be released on September 20, 2019. Pre-order now.

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