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Are you looking for a new game system? If you are, you should consider taking a close look at the Nintendo Switch. It may be just what you are looking for. I know how you feel, I was in the same position several months ago while searching for a Christmas gift for my children. I spent a significant amount of time reading product reviews, watching YouTube videos, talking with current Nintendo Switch owners, and weighing the pros and cons of buying one. I can honestly say buying the Nintendo Switch was on of the best gaming decisions I have made. Join me for am in depth discussion of the Nintendo Switch, its benefits, and why it continues to be worth buying in the coming year.

Nintendo Switch Voted One of the Best Consoles Ever Made. Buy It Now On Amazon

Benefit #1 – The Price Point:

For those of you who like to be more fiscally responsible, or at least act like you are, one of the biggest benefits is the Nintendo Switch’s price point. It is significantly cheaper than most of it’s competitors. The Nintendo Switch regularly sells for $$$ (Check Current Price) and the Switch Lite sells for $$$ (Check Current Price). The difference in the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite is the ability to transfer the game to your television. The Switch Light is strictly a handheld system. While their prices are still a significant amount of money, consider the price of the Switch against the upcoming Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5. The Xbox Series X is scheduled to be released this year and while no official price has been announced, it is expected Microsoft will sell them for around $500. PlayStation’s newest addition, the PlayStation 5, is also expected to be released this year. Just like the Xbox Series X, no price has been officially announced Sony is expected to make the cost between $499 and $599. Do I need to explain any further why the Nintendo Switch is the better option when it comes to price? We will just let the numbers speak for themselves and move on to the next benefit.

Nintendo Switch Voted One of the Best Consoles Ever Made. Buy It Now On Amazon

Benefit #2 – The Portability:

Have you ever been playing a game and had to stop at the worst moment possible? Did you wish you could take the game with you on the road or a family vacation? Do you need something to keep you or your kids occupied while they travel? When is the last time you were able to drop what you were doing, pick up your Xbox or PlayStation and go? You can’t plain and simple. Well, another major benefit of the Nintendo Switch is its portability. The Switch can be used as a “console” system or handheld device. When you purchase the Switch is comes in the handheld configuration but can be easily modified to the “console” configuration. The Switch also comes with a charging dock. All that is required to transition your Switch from handheld to “console” mode is to remove the two Joy-con controllers from the side and place it the charging dock. The Switch will then transfer your game from the handheld screen to your television. Your Joy-con controllers can then be used for either a single player or two players. When you are ready to return to handheld mode, all that is needed is to pick up the Switch, reattach the controllers, and resume playing. The Switch has a good battery life so playing for extended periods in handheld configuration should not be a problem. The charging dock and television connection/disconnection process is simple enough to do within a couple of minutes, enabling you to take your entire Switch system with you as you travel.

Nintendo Switch Voted One of the Best Consoles Ever Made. Buy It Now On Amazon

Benefit #3 – The Game Selection:

A wide game selection is always a concern for potential buyers, at least it is for me. Rest assured that Nintendo has an extensive selection of games available for their Nintendo Switch platform. The games are suitable for a variety of ages and maturity levels. There are new games, old games, and everything in between. There are free games, moderately priced games, more expensive games, games for the nostalgic gamers, and games for the more hardcore gamers. They include titles such as Super Mario Brothers, Fortnite, Pokémon, The Witcher, Overwatch, The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat, LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO Marvel Super Hero’s, and many, many, many more to chose from. The games can be purchased from most major retailers or downloaded online from Nintendo’s eshop. On Nintento’s eshop, you can find a wide variety of games and apps at good prices. We will discuss some of the available apps later in this article.. 

Benefit #4 – The Data Storage:

Data storage is also a major concern as the games often require a lot of data on your Switch. If you don’t want to have your data storage used up by downloading just a couple of games, you have two options to consider. Option #1 – Buy the games from your local retailer (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc…). The game will come on in a unusually large case for such a small removable storage card. Option #2 – Buy a micro sd card. The cards come in a variety of storage sizes and prices. They can be easily inserted into the back of your Switch to provide ample additional storage space. My recommendation is to go with option #1. Having the removable games and the built in storage seems to be the better choice. The reason for this is simple. It is easy to lose the micro sd card. Its not called “micro” for nothing. These things are truly tiny. They are around the size of your fingernail for a comparison. If you have all your games and apps stored on the micro sd card and then you lose it, you have lost everything! You have potentially lost hundreds of dollars of digital content! I admit that the single game storage cards are also small, but the are nowhere near as small as the micro sd cards, and if you lose one you have only lost one game. That hurts a lot less than loosing everything. Ultimately, the decision is up to the you but I would err on the side of caution and buy the came cards. If you are concerned about loosing the game cards, there are a lot of game card storage options out there too so don’t worry.

Nintendo Switch Voted One of the Best Consoles Ever Made. Buy It Now On Amazon

Benefit #5 – The Apps:

Lets say you finished a game, or are just done playing games for the day and are not at home. I have good news for you! In addition to playing games, you can also use your Switch as a tablet. There are several applications or “apps” available for download through the Nintendo eshop. These apps include YouTube, Hulu, Music Maker, Comic Book Reader, Coloring for Kids, and others.

Benefit #6 – The Accessories:

In addition to the Nintendo Switch itself, Nintendo and other third party companies have developed a variety of accessories for your system. Do you enjoy driving games? Nintendo has an accessory for that. Simply detach your Joycon controllers and place them into the steering wheel accessory. Are the Joy-con controllers too small for your hand? Nintendo has a solution for that too. You can insert your controllers into bases designed to resemble Xbox or PlayStation controllers. You can even buy customized sleeves intended to be place over the Switch’s dock as a screen protector. Finally, as with many other game systems, there is a travel case large enough to easily fit either the entire system or just the handheld portion. A simple Google search will net numerous results about available accessories. 

Benefit #7 – The Other Abilities :

In addition to all the benefits listed above, the Nintendo Switch has other abilities that may surprise you. They may appear to be “hidden” abilities, but anyone who spends the time getting to know their system should be able to learn them without a problem. For example, the Switch can help you find your lost Joy-con controllers. All you need to do is go into the Switch’s menu, turn on the controller’s rumble feature, and follow the sound of the vibration to the lost controller. You can also do things like use an old Game Cube controller and access your Nintendo eshop purchases on another Switch. You can use your Switch to charge other mobile devices, change the light and dark backgrounds, and even use the built-in Bluetooth capabilities to use the Joy-con controllers on another device such as an Android phone.  

Nintendo Switch Voted One of the Best Consoles Ever Made. Buy It Now On Amazon


It is time to make your decision. Which game system will you choose? In my opinion, the Nintendo Switch is definitely a viable option for a gaming system in 2020. I have done my best to demonstrate how the low price tag, ease of portability, wide game selection which includes something for all ages, and it’s non-gaming versatility make the Switch a serious competitor. I would be willing to bet that anyone who gives the Switch or Switch Lite a serious chance will not be disappointed.  

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  1. disagree.. for gaming console go for ps4, lots of exclusives.. nintendo switch only have few ones, and the goods one been pokemon sword and animal crossing only.. every other game you already have it on pc..

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