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A gaming desk is an essential component for having a good gaming experience. You can use a normal table found in your living room but there will always be height issues or other problematic factors that will greatly hamper your gaming experience. You could opt for a large computer table but it will take up a lot of space and make it quite difficult if you want to move it here and there. This is where small gaming desks come in.

These desks are not only compact but are also designed in such a way that it offers you the best gaming experience. Some of them have different features in terms of storage, design and utility and you need to buy the one that best meets your specific requirements. They should provide you with the right amount of support and comfort while being easy to move around. 

Gaming desks are just as important as a gaming mouse or keyboard in terms of having an optimal gaming experience. It can prevent you from getting backaches and putting stress on your arms. It can take your gaming to a whole new level. So don’t hesitate if you are thinking of buying one. Here are some of the best small gaming desks in the market today.

10 Best Small Gaming Desks


1. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S Gaming Desk 44.5

The Eureka Z1S comes with a carbon fiber textured surface, plastic and metal body, LED lighting, accessory holders and Z-shaped frame design. We loved the sleek design that looked very much inspired by sports cars that do go well with gaming. We especially loved the carbon fiber texture on the top as it not only looks great but also provides a good grip.

The Z-shaped frame design lends a good amount of support and durability. Overall, the construction is found to be of high quality with a good blend of plastic and metal. You also have adjustable feet for the desk so that you can make sure that the desk is level and stable at all times. LED lighting is also a very nice touch.

The best aspect of this desk is the number of accessory holders it comes with. It comes with small stands for placing your headphones, multiple gaming controllers and plastic cup or bottle holder. You also get an extra-large mouse pad to keep both your keyboard and your mouse on. The surface measures about 44.5 inches wide and can support a 40-inch monitor but it’s not ideal for multiple displays. Overall a great small gaming desk with plenty of convenient features.


The carbon fiber texture looks and feels great.

The Z-shaped frame design provides good durability.

Plenty of holders for storing accessories.

LED lights create a good ambiance.

You get a large mouse pad for free.


Not ideal for multiple monitors.

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2. Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk 45.3″ W x 29″ D

construction, two cable management holes, a detachable cup holder and a hook for placing your headphones. The surface top is very convenient as it can support multiple monitors (a 24-inch and a 21-inch max). We found it pretty sleek and minimalist.

It uses an R-frame construction and is made up of high-quality MDF PVC laminated top with steel legs. The R-framed design helps to provide a good amount of support and ensures that the desk is stable at all times. It can withstand up to 110 pounds which is pretty great especially when considering how compact it is. It measures 45.3 x 29 inches which makes it quite spacious for a small gaming desk.

In terms of features, you get a detachable cup holder and a hook for hanging your headphones. One very useful aspect of this desk is that the surface is waterproof and hence very easy to clean. It also comes with two cable management holes which is great for maintaining a very neat and tidy workspace. With an affordable price tag, great cable management and a wide waterproof surface, it’s a great option for those who like clean and elegant gaming desks.


It comes at an affordable price point.

The surface is waterproof and therefore easy to clean.

It can support multiple displays.

Stable and durable construction.

Convenient cable management.


Could have come with more features.

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3. Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Racing Style

The Waleaf Vitesse gaming desk comes with two color options, metal and wood body, chargeable USB controller rack, cup holder, headphone hook, extra-large mouse pad and 120 days free replacement or parts guarantee. The first thing that caught our eye is its spacious 55-inch surface top. It looks stunning with its carbon fiber top and overall sleek design.

It utilizes a premium density fiberboard and coated steel in its construction making it quite sturdy. It can withstand up to 260 pounds which is great for a small gaming desk. Although it’s very spacious, the elongated design makes it quite compact making it easily fit into any part of your room.

You also get a handy cup holder and a hook for hanging your headphones. One very unique aspect of this desk is that it comes with a chargeable USB controller rack where you can store your gaming DVDs and your controllers by stacking them on top of each other. You can also charge your wireless controllers and your mobile phones with ease, thanks to the USB port. We found this feature to be extremely useful and convenient making it an overall great product.


Ideal for multiple displays (Two 24-inch displays).

Great minimalist design.

It comes with a USB gaming controller rack.

The carbon fiber surface feels excellent.

Great value for money.

It has a max capacity of 260 pounds.


Not suitable for tall people.

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4. YIGOBUY Small Computer Gaming Desk

It comes with three color options, carbon fiber surface, PVC and metal body, two cable management holes, cup holder, headphone hanger and adjustable leg pads. With a Z-shaped frame design, it looks a bit similar to other products. We loved the colored sections along the side legs as it gives a very sporty vibe to the gaming desk. You can choose this gaming desk from three color options.

It comes with a high-quality MDFPVC laminated top with carbon fiber texture and metal legs. Thanks to the Z-shaped frame, it can support up to 220 pounds which is great especially at such an affordable price point. The leg pads are adjustable and so you don’t have to worry about the table wobbling while you are playing your favorite games.

It comes with the standard headphone and cup holder as far as features are concerned. It’s also very easy to assemble, which is always a plus. The lack of extra features or accessory holders actually ends up working in its favor as you have plenty of space on the top of the desk. You can use it as a writing desk or as a workstation desk. All in all, it’s a great affordable small gaming desk ideal for single-monitor setups.


A 12-month warranty.

Great carbon fiber surface top.

It’s quite versatile to use.

Double cable management holes are very handy.

Quite easy to assemble.


It comes only with standard features.

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5. Atlantic Original Small Gaming Desk

The Atlantic Original Gaming Desk comes with a host of accessory stands, cup holder, headphone holder, carbon fiber laminated top, cord management inserts and a special monitor stand. If you are into unique and bare bones-type gaming desks, then you will love this one. Though we felt that the design could have been a bit more visually enticing, its features, durability and affordable price tag more than makeup for this shortfall.

Its metal wired design might make you think that it cannot support a lot of weight but it is surprisingly durable. It actually surpasses most of its more expensive competition in terms of sturdiness and for that this desk deserves a lot of credit. You even get a handy monitor stand on which you can place a 32-inch monitor with ease.

With its extensive modular stands, you can pretty much put everything on it except the kitchen sink. You get a stand for your cup, headphones, mobiles, controllers, chargeable devices and even a small under-desk basket. You can store up to 10 game DVDs on the DVD rack which is quite good. In terms of storage and overall value, this is probably one of the best small gaming desks in the market today.


It’s very sturdy and durable.

It’s very easy to assemble.

It comes with a very small footprint.

You can customize it as per your needs.

It is pretty durable for such an affordable desk.


The design could have been better.

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6. LYNSLIM Gaming Table 45.66″ Large E-Sports

It features a multi-function socket with USB ports, PVC and metal body, ergonomic design, carbonized grain surface and a very durable R-frame construction. It is one of the best small gaming desks we have ever set our sights on. The design is clean, sleek and simple with great functionality. The carbonized surface is absolutely gorgeous.

It utilizes a herringbone construction, an R-frame design and is made of high-density PVC surface with carbonized grain and a steel tube frame which gives it incredible stability and durability. It can withstand up to 400 pounds which is mind-boggling!

In terms of features, it comes with a built-in multi-function socket that contains 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. This in itself provides so much value as it not only adds a ton of convenience but it also helps in better cable management. Considering everything that you get with this desk, it is easily one of the best small gaming desks out there in terms of quality, functionality and value for money. If it was just a little bit wider for setting up multiple large displays, it would have been the perfect gaming desk.


It’s extremely durable.

It can support up to a whopping 400 pounds.

It has a striking look to it.

Conveniently placed in-built sockets and USB ports.

Amazing value for money.

Installation is easy and doesn’t take much time.


Not ideal for multiple large displays.

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7. Coleshome 63-inch Gaming Desk

The Coleshome 63-inch desk comes with four color options, four different size options, metal and engineered wood body, adjustable leg pads and is extremely easy to assemble. If you are a fan of traditional, sturdy wooden tables like us, then this is a great option to go for. Its design is simple and elegant with no extra frills or gimmicks. We found the 63-inch option to be excellent in terms of value and versatility.

With an MDF (medium density fiberboard) and heavy-duty powder-coated steel body, it is incredibly durable and stable. It’s also waterproof and scratch-proof which makes it an absolute dream when it comes to maintenance.

This one doesn’t come with any fancy features like a cup holder, charging dock or a headphone stand and it honestly doesn’t need it. You get 63 inches of luxurious space to keep multiple displays and a rock-solid quality construction. Despite its durability, it’s also pretty lightweight making it an ideal choice for a variety of different uses. It’s also extremely simple to assemble and requires only basic skills. As long as you know how to use a screwdriver, you’ll be good to go.


It’s very sturdy.

The metal and engineered wood body look and feel great.

It comes in4 different sizes and color options.

Exceptional value for money.

Very spacious and supports multiple displays easily.


It doesn’t come with any extra features.

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8. YIGOBUY Workstation Gaming/Student Desk

It comes with two color options, plastic and engineered wood body, cup holder, headphone holder, two cable management holes and a 12 months warranty. Design-wise, it looks pretty similar to other Z-shape models but with slight variations. However, it also comes with a white color option which is something you don’t see much among gaming desks. It’s not very wide though, so go for it only if you have a reasonable-sized monitor.

It is made of high-quality MDF PVC laminated top and metal frame legs. Thanks to the Z-shaped frame design it can comfortably withstand up to 220 pounds. One unique aspect of the design is that it comes with an ergonomically curved surface. We were quite comfortable while gaming and could feel a noticeable difference, thanks to this little innovation.

When it comes to features, you get the standard cup and headphone holder and two cable management holes. You also get cable grommets where you can neatly pass and hold the bundled-up wires or even keep your adapter if you are using a laptop. This little feature helps to make your gaming space more neat and tidy. If you love white and are looking for an affordable, sturdy small gaming desk, you might want to go for this one.


You get a 1-year warranty on this desk.

Sturdy construction with good stability.

The white color option is very attractive.

Ergonomically curved surface.

Cable grommets help to manage cables and offer extra storage.


Not ideal for large displays.

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9. Lazzo Stylish Small Gaming Desk

It features three different color options, carbon fiber textured curved surface, PVC and metal body, detachable display stand, different cable management options and plenty of stands for storage. We fell in love with the design of this desk. The design is well thought out and comes with several functionalities.

It features an X-shaped frame design and is made of high-quality MDF PVC and steel legs. The surface comes with a carbonized texture and a curved design which makes it very ergonomic. This desk is quite comfortable to play games on and the textured surface feels nice to rest your arms on.

This desk comes with a cup holder, headphone holder, storage basket, 6 power cord collectors, dual-speaker stands and a display stand to boot. If you have a ton of gaming accessories and want to keep them close by while gaming, then this is one of the best options in the market today. It is durable, good looking and has good storage capabilities.


Excellent functionality.

It is very versatile and has ample storage space.

Very durable and stable.

You get a built-in display stand.

Amazing looking carbon fiber textured curved surface.


The color option looks a bit tacky.

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10. VITESSE VIT 44 Small Z-Shaped Gaming Desk

The Vitesse Vit 44 gaming desk comes with a USB storage rack, PVC and metal body, cup holder, headphone holder, T-shaped frame, extra cable management box and a 1-year warranty. We found the design to be amazingly sleek and perfect for gaming purposes. The quality of materials used is excellent and the carbon fiber surface feels great to the touch.

It features a T-shape frame and is made of laminated PVC and metal. The construction is rock solid and it can support up to 260 pounds which is great for its price point. You also get an extra-large mouse pad on which you can easily keep both your keyboard and mouse.

In terms of features, you get the standard cup and microphone holders as well as a multifunctional storage rack with USB ports. Cable management is superb in this desk as it not only comes with two cable management holes but also a tray at the back to keep your bundled wires or laptop adapter. We were very pleased with everything this desk had to offer and really couldn’t find any flaws in it. This is a small but great gaming desk that offers just the right number of features and comes with high-quality materials.


It comes with an in-built USB storage rack.

You get a carbon fiber surface top.

The extra cable management box is very handy.

The design looks very sleek and perfect for gaming.

1-year warranty.

Very easy to assemble.



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Buying Guide

A gaming desk is one that is specifically designed for gaming purposes. Every feature in a gaming desk helps to make it more convenient so that you can play at the most efficient level possible. They come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and functionalities. Some are modular whereas others aren’t. Some are more portable than others. If you have just decided to go for one, you might be a bit overwhelmed at all the great options out there.
To help you pick the right one, we have shown here the essential factors that you need to look for. Keep in mind that here, we can only show you the different options that are available in the market which may or may not meet all your requirements. Ultimately you have to buy the one that best meets most or all of your requirements. Here are some of the things you have to consider before buying a small gaming desk.

  1. Size: Small gaming desks are all the more compact than their traditional bigger brethren but there is variety among them too. Some models are more portable than others and hence, can be carried from one place to another more easily. These models will benefit those who have gaming laptops along with PCs. Always take measurements of the space in your room and compare it with the dimensions of the product you are looking for. Remember it’s not just about fitting a gaming desk inside. There needs to be space around it as well so that you can move comfortably if you need to go behind the desk or to its sides.
  2. Height: This is perhaps one of the most important factors to look for. The height of the desk is crucial when it comes to your sitting position. One of the most common issues suffered by gamers is backache. You have to ensure that your back is always in a comfortable position when you are gaming for a long period. The height of the desk must be such that you should never have to slouch or sit uncomfortably. There are plenty of online tools out there today that can help you find the right height of the gaming desk by using your height as a reference.
  3. Functionality: Small gaming desks don’t come with the same number of utilities as the big ones but some of them do offer some nice features when it comes to functionality. Some desks come with mini cup holders, small stands for keeping your headphones, controllers, etc. Small gaming desks have to be compact and so not all of them come with such features. These desks are also very affordable and come at low price points that range anywhere from $100 to $300. So don’t expect great modular designs that allow you to transform the desk into various forms for storage. Instead, look for ones that offer good cable management and that allows you to keep all your accessories within your arms reach.
  4. Materials: The type of material you should go for depends on a variety of factors. If you like leaning over with your arms over the desk often, then a wooden or plastic desk might be a good option for you. They are more neutral to temperature than glass or steel ones. If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of portability, then you can go for wooden ones as they are often far sturdier than other types. If portability is very important for you, then you should go for PVC or steel gaming desks as they are lighter and easier to move around than others.
  5. Assembly: Almost all gaming desks come unassembled and some require more time than others to set up. Some will require a certain amount of skill too. Make sure that you order one that works best for you. Don’t go for the coolest looking one because you may end up regretting it when you try to put it together. One way to do this is by checking out reviews online to get a good understanding of how difficult or easy the assembly part is. Also, check online if there are videos of the same model being put together for better reference.

FAQ About Small Gaming Desk

Q. Why Should I Buy a Small Gaming Desk?

A. A gaming desk allows you to keep your PC, laptop, mouse, keyboard and other gaming accessories neatly in one place for better convenience. Small gaming desks are more compact and allow you to move it from one place to another with ease. Traditional gaming desks that come in L-shaped or U-shaped designs are typically very big and while they provide plenty of space, cleaning them becomes a chore.
With small gaming desks, you can easily clean them whenever you want with minimal effort. It’s also far easier to maintain when it comes to cable management. You can move them easily if you want to rearrange your gaming setup and it takes up very little space. If you like to game in a neat and tidy environment, then small gaming desks are the way to go.

Q. What Makes a Great Small Gaming Desk?

A. In our experience, a great small gaming desk consists of several useful characteristics such as portability, compactness, ergonomics and features. There are different types of gaming desks out there in the market today. Each one of us has unique needs when it comes to gaming and so you have to make sure that you look for the desk that best suits your specific requirements.
When shopping for a gaming desk, always look out for cable management capability, portability and accessory holders, as desks with these features will provide you with great value. Don’t be afraid to go over your budget by a little, if it means better quality. Your gaming setup will surely cost a good amount of money and you need the right infrastructure for using it conveniently and to protect it from damage.

Q. Do Small Gaming Desks Last Long?

A. In comparison with traditional large gaming desks, small gaming desks don’t last as long but they don’t burn a hole in your wallet. As with everything in the market today, you get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean that small gaming desks are inferior in quality but simply that they aren’t made to last as long as their bigger and sturdier counterparts.
However, there are ways in which you can extend its longevity. If you maintain your desk properly and clean it once every week or so, you can significantly extend its lifetime. Despite their compact size, most small gaming desks are quite sturdy in construction and so are quite durable. You do have to keep its weight capacity in mind though.

Q. How Do I Choose the Proper Height For my Desk?

A. Getting the right height for your desk is extremely important when it comes to buying a small gaming desk. If you love playing games and spend long hours doing so, you need to take care of your posture. With improper posture, you run the risk of getting wrist pains, backaches and neck pains in the long run. There are several ways by which you can find out the right desk for your height.
The easiest way is to find an adjustable gaming desk where you can increase or decrease the height of the desk as per your preferences. If that isn’t an option for you, then you can go online and use a tool to calculate what the optimum desk height should be for you. These tools use your height as a reference to determine the optimal desk height. Another method is to use your current desk as a reference and measure its height. This should be done only if your current desk allows you to have proper posture without any negative health consequences.

Q. What Material Should I Look For in A Small Gaming Desk?

A. The material that you should be looking for depends mostly on your specific needs and nothing more. Most small gaming desks come in either metal or a combination of wood and metal. You will also find ones that are made of PVC and tempered glass. The two main things you need to consider is the total weight you plan to put on the table and how easy it is to clean it.
If you want to keep a lot of stuff on your gaming table, then a metal or metal and wood combo might be the right option to go for as they are quite sturdy. You also don’t have to worry about the desk surface getting cracked or chipped. PVC desks are very lightweight but have a limited weight capacity.

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